Steering Committee

The work of PSR Wisconsin is guided by a steering committee. The committee usually meets the third Sunday of each month. The members of the steering committee are:

  • Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD;

  • Bob Block, MD;

  • Ann Behrmann, MD;

  • Mary Dougherty;

  • Claire Gervais, MD;

  • Rebecca Patterson;

  • Karin Ringler, PhD;

  • Paula Rogge, MD;

  • Amy Schulz, RN (President);

  • Melissa Stiles, MD;

  • Monica Vohmann, MD.

The committee generally meets on the third Sunday of each month.  Contact the PSR Wisconsin office if you are interested in joining the steering committee or volunteering for one of our programs, tel. 608/232-9945, Hannah Fisher, Administrative Coordinator.

PSR Wisconsin Staff

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Hannah Fisher, Executive Director, has a diverse background in environmental subject areas and non-profit management. She received her bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Society with a minor in Agronomy and concentration area of environmental studies in May 2018 from Iowa State University. Hannah has previously been employed as an intern with the Iowa Environmental Council and completed a fellowship with Clean Wisconsin. As executive director, Hannah oversees steering committees, works on event planning, manages finances and fundraising, and completes communication and outreach tasks.

Contact Hannah by email at or (608) 232-9945.